Chainsaw Tips: Prepping firewood using your chainsaw

There’s more to cutting firewood than simply taking an axe or chainsaw to it. If possible, always use a hardwood tree that has already fallen, otherwise choose a tree that is able to regenerate after being felled.

To turn it into firewood, follow these steps:

  1. Safety first - make sure you are wearing your PPE and have a clear workspace.
  2. Delimb any branches attached to the tree trunk.
  3. Move cut branches away from the trunk and begin sawing logs approximately 1m in length.
  4. Cut ¾ of the way through the log, avoiding the ground, then roll the log and
  5. finish cutting on the other side.
  6. Place the 1m logs on your sawhorse and cut to your desired length, generally around 30cm.
  7. Leave to dry for as long as possible before using. A deadwood tree needs around 2-3 months drying time, while green timber needs around 2 years to dry before use.
  8. Enjoy your fire this winter!

Starting tips

While it may sound simple to some, we're also often asked what the best way to start your chainsaw is - the professional method. Check it out in this quick explainer below.

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