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The Diablo Supercorsa SC V2, destined for competition use, is the evolution of Pirelli’s most victorious racing supersport product: first made in 2007, in just four years the Diablo Supercorsa won 65 victories in 18 countries and it has raced in more than 60 national and international open tyre championships in 9 countries. In fact, the new Diablo Supercorsa SC is the highest performance street legal racing tyre ever made by Pirelli, designed to hold precise racing lines on straight stretches as well as curves. It provides a profile which favours handling, less wear during track use, unparalleled grip and unprecedented racing performance.

Used by over 75% riders in NZSBK Championship.

  • DOT street legal tread pattern.
  • Pure Racing behaviour.
  • Pirelli’s most performing street legal racing tyre ever produced.
  • The ultimate evolution of our Racing Supersport most winning product.
  • Maximised contact patch area in the extra slick shoulders for enhanced traction and stability
  • Carcass construction provide stability at high speeds and under hard braking, with enough flexibility for precision and speed when cornering.
  • Chemical components with high thermal stability enhance the grip of the tyre

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