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6D ATR-2 Adult Helmet - Aero Red

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6D Helmets Sizing Chart Guide

Determining correct helmet size

Your helmet should fit snug and securely around the entire circumference of your head. Cheek pads should be firm against your cheek bones and offer support from the helmet moving laterally. We offer multiple shell options, cheek pads and liners for a custom fit and superior comfort.  Please reference the following guide to get started.

  1. Use a soft tape measure to get your correct head circumference measurement. Measure horizontally around your head at a height about one inch above your eyebrows and 1/2 inch above each ear. This should give you the correct largest measurement for reference to the size chart below.
  2. Cross check the sizing chart to determine your proper size helmet.
  3. Select the helmet size that is the closet match to your head measurement. If your head size falls between two helmet sizes you should try on the smaller one first. Often times helmet pads and liners can be swapped to customize fit.

Size Charts

ATR-1 Helmet Sizing Chart:6D Helmets ATR-1

ATR-2 Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D ATR-2 Helmet Sizing Chart

ATR-1Y Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D Helmets ATR-1Y Helmet Sizing Chart

ATR-2Y Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D Helmets ATR-2Y Helmet Sizing Chart

ATS-1 Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D Helmets ATS-1 Sizing Chart

ATS-1R Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D Helmets ATS-1R Helmet Sizing Chart

ATB-1T Helmet Sizing Chart:

ATB-1T Sizing Chart

ATB-1 Helmet Sizing Chart:

6D Helmets ATB-1 Sizing Chart

If you have any futher questions, just reach out and our team will be happy to provide futher advice around correct fitment advice.

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