Weekly Specials $0.95 Product: This was no mistake
This was no mistake.
We were going to spend $250 on running some facebook and instagram ads to spread the word about our new weekly specials project.
While we were discussing some of the ways we could connect with you - our loyal customers, and reach new people too, we realised we needed to do something from the heart. We needed to think like the riders and outdoor enthusiasts we are. To do something that represents who we are as a team and as a company. At the end of the day, behind the big signage, trailers and website lies a group of people passionate about what we do.
That's why instead of giving facebook another $250, we thought we'd share that with you. We took an iconic brand, and purchased their product worth just under $250 to sell to one of you for 95c. A 'hidden gem' of sorts. This was no mistake. It's not an attempt to lessen the value of Oakley, you won't see us selling this pair again at that price. It was to make one of you stop for a moment and go 'hang on, wait'. In fact, Oakley might even tell us off for doing this, but that's OK, because boundaries are there to be pushed. That's what the spirit of riding, farming and the outdoors is all about.
Weekly Specials at City Honda
If it sounds like something you'd enjoy receiving, then sign up (and go in the draw to win a $250 gift card).
It wasn't a listing error or typo. It was pure intention. Marketing can be a dirty word, but it can also be a beautiful concept - an opportunity to genuinely connect and share with those you can help. For us, it's $250 well spent. And for the customer who was first in, first served, we sure hope it was 95c spent even better.
We'd love to tell you about what's around the corner, but we'll show you instead. This is just the beginning. Watch this space, stay on two wheels and enjoy the ride.
From our team to you.
If it sounds like something you'd enjoy receiving, then sign up (and go in the draw to win a $250 gift card).

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